Residential Care Home based in Witham, Essex.
20 Boars Tye Road
Silver End, Witham, Essex CM8 3QA

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Charter of Rights

This Charter of Rights applies to all residents of Boars Tye Residential Home.

Trial Period

The right to initially enter the Home, on a trial basis, during which time nothing will be done to dispossess the individual of their previous accommodation contract.


The right to receive a contract, outlining the rights and obligations of both the Home and Resident.

Appropriate Care

The right to have social, emotional and physical needs/wishes identified, acknowledged and satisfied, wherever possible, with particular attention being paid to those people from minority groups.


The right to participate fully in the formulation of their ‘care plans’ and to be informed of all services that may be relevant to their needs, (regardless of their immediate availability)

Quality of Life

The right to live within a safe and comfortable environment, within which social care practices support and stimulate the resident, in order to enable each individual the possibility of enjoying their life to the full.


The right to be treated in such a manner as to allow the individual to retain dignity at all times.


The right to personal privacy, that includes the provision of accommodation where the individual can exercise choice, i.e., over whom to admit and how the room is furnished.


The right to receive care that provides adequate security for the individual, protecting the resident from both the ‘behaviour of others’ and from any undue danger created by their own behaviour or circumstances.


The right to be treated as a valued individual at all times.


The right to make choices about their own lifestyle and to exercise personal independence on all possible occasions, including those within which there is a degree of personal risk.

Life in the Home

The right to be informed of any matters that are likely to affect their life within the Home and to participate fully in all decisions affecting their environment.


The right to exercise civil and natural rights and to have access to all local services (health, leisure, education and social services)


The right to maintain links with family, friends and other personal contacts from the past.

Personal Responsibility

The right to take responsibility for their own personal affairs (including the right to manage their own finances and to administer their own medicines) and to undertake all those daily living tasks of which they are capable.

Access to Personal Records

All residents and their appointed representatives have the right to see any information that is held on them by the management of Boars Tye. Access to this information is available on request at a time suitable to the resident and the manager.


The right to be represented by an advocate of the residents choice and the right to have access to a formal complaints procedure (which includes the right to directly contact the registration authority) will be respected at all times. The exercise of’ these rights should be considered the absolute prerogative of each resident, regardless of circumstances, disability or age. Restrictions must only occur in circumstances where there are demonstrable reasons to justify such departures. These circumstances will be recorded and the records kept for external scrutiny.