Residential Care Home based in Witham, Essex.
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Silver End, Witham, Essex CM8 3QA
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Cook - Boars Tye Residential Care Home

Boars Tye is a residential care home specialising in care for those with and without Dementia, including Palliative care, in the village of Silver End, between Braintree and Witham, Essex.

We have prepared a short video series to introduce our care home in a more personal manner. Please take a look around our website and don’t hesitate to contact us.

We understand that the decision to move into a care home can be very difficult for everyone concerned and we will try to help you with the complex choices that you will be making. Boars Tye provides residential care within a homely environment for those with and without Dementia. Providing good home cooking, from fresh ingredients, is a priority and meals can either be enjoyed together or, if you so wish, in your own room. See our menu. During the afternoons many activities are organised, which we hope will satisfy the variety of interests that people have..

Our care home should feel like a real home to each and every person living at Boars Tye. This goes beyond that which is required by the regulations which relate to residential care, namely:

  • The Health and Social Care Act 2008
  • The Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010.
  • The Essential standards of quality and safety.
  • Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009

With this legal framework in mind we have drawn up a Charter of Rights for those people who choose to live at our care home. However our ethos for caring for the elderly goes beyond that which can be required by legislation. It is rooted in the Owners’ Christian faith and the conviction that each person is created by God, and therefore should be treated with dignity and respect.

We like to work closely with the relatives of those in our care, always being prepared to listen to their concerns and suggestions. Protection of vulnerable adults is one of our highest priorities and this is viewed as part of our ‘duty of care’ and not just a ‘human right’.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) registers, reviews and reports on social care services in England. Our Commission Reports show that we have a care home to be rightly proud of and yet we are conscious that there is always room for improvement. Whilst the majority of staff at Boars Tye may not be Christian by faith they approach people in a way that is based upon Christian values and we welcome people from all faiths and ethnicity. We give thanks to God and our staff for all that is good about the care home and we know that you will experience good and loving care at Boars Tye.

Towns close to Silver End in Essex include Braintree, Witham, Chelmsford and Colchester.

We never regretted choosing this place

"A few weeks before my wife, Rose Willsher, passed away on the 16th March 2012 after years of pain and home care it was deemed necessary for me, Fred Willsher, to give up looking after her. We as a family decided to get her into Boars Tye Residential Home. We never wanted this to happen but we never regretted choosing this place to look after Rose during her last days. The care that she and every resident receive at Boars Tye is second to none and the one priority of all the staff is for their welfare. Seeing media reports of care homes many people must feel suspicious about the care their loved ones are going to be subjected to if they go into care. Rose was bed ridden all the few weeks she was at Boars Tye but she didn’t have to wait for attention, if and when she needed, and was closely monitored in her last few days and every means possible were used to keep her free from pain. As well as Boars Tye staff, Dr Purdie did everything to make Rose’s last days comfortable as possible. Many thanks to Clive and his staff for their caring ways."

Fred Willsher

Our fears were dispelled

"My Mum Win was a resident in Boars Tye residential home for over eight years. Like most people we were apprehensive at first but our fears were soon dispelled as Mum settled in very quickly and accepted her situation. She was suffering from Parkinsons Disease but with the kindness of the carers she was able to have a quality of life. Often when we visited she would say she had had a lovely dinner and always looked forward to her meals. She also made friends with other residents and had a good laugh with them and with the carers also. We were often witness to this and we also joined in the banter and the carers became our friends as well. Most of the carers were there when Mum first went into the home which helped enormously for her to see familiar faces all the time. She also enjoyed the entertainment and parties etc. which we also were able to be part of. The last few months her health deteriorated and the carers were wonderful. She was bedridden but was always clean, as was the bed clothes, no matter what time we visited. The carers came in to see her when they finished and started their shifts to say hello and goodbye as well as looking after her during their shifts. We can honestly say it wasn’t just care - it was love - and we would recommend any of our relatives or friends who had to go into a home to go to Boars Tye. We would also have no fear in putting ourselves in there if the need arose."

Christine Fairchild (Daughter)

I just wanted to drop you all a quick note of support

"I just wanted to drop you all a quick note of support - I saw the feedback to the CQC report from Clive on Facebook and read the report.  I work in health publishing and get to read a lot of CQC stuff …

I'm full of admiration for Boars Tye and the quality of care given - in particular the staff interaction with residents, and the real sense of care and friendliness. I look forward to visiting, and am immensely grateful that mum is in such a supportive environment that has a real sense of ‘home', rather than just being ‘a home’. I visited and contacted a lot of care homes in making the decision and we quickly took mum out of another (very local) care home where she’d been placed temporarily by Essex Social Care -  the atmosphere was very uncaring and mum was dreadfully sad and lonely.

As you know, she is now (on a good day!) a happy little songbird - in fact happier than she has been in years! Things like hot water temperatures can be fixed and I’m sure will be, but building that kind of level of staff community and commitment is I think something special and you should be really, really proud.
Reports are not everything. I think the photos on your web page speak for themselves.
You’re all doing a great job in my view"
Best wishes, Katharine